5 Reasons Why Your Shih Tzu Smell Like Fish

Wondering Why Your Shih Tzu Smell Like Fish? Unravel the top 5 reasons and results to overcome the issues. Explore anal gland problems, incentive infections, dental issues, poor diet, and urinary tract infections that may beget this unusual scent. Find tips to keep your Shih Tzu smelling fresh.

Why Your Shih Tzu Smell Like Fish

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Shih Tzu Smell Like Fish

1) Anal Gland Problems

One of the most common reasons behind why your Shih Tzu smells like fish is anal gland problems. Shih Tzu dogs have two small glands positioned on either side of their anus. These glands are responsible for secreting a pungent-smelling fluid. Typically, these glands are naturally expressed when your canine defecates, but sometimes they can get impacted or infected, leading to leakage and that fish- suchlike odor.


Seek advice from your veterinarian incontinently, if you suspect your Shih Tzu’s anal glands are the source of the problem. A professional can gently express the glands or prescribe the effective medication to address any infection or inflammation. Remember, addressing this issue instantly will keep your Shih Tzu happy and odor-free.

2) Yeast Infections

Yeast infections stand as another common factor behind why your Shih Tzu smells like fish. Generally, these infections take root in the ears, paws, or skin folds, furnishing the perfect parentage ground for yeast to flourish. In addition to the unwelcome scent, your furry friend may show signs of discomfort, similar as frequent scratching, vexation and redness in the affected areas.


There are visionary measures to address this issue. Regularly drawing your Shih Tzu’s ears and keeping their paws and skin folds dry and tidy will go a long way. But if the problem continues, it’s better to seek professional advice from your trusted veterinarian. They can give a proper opinion and recommend the most effective treatment to restore your Shih Tzu’s comfort and newness.

3) Dental problems

Just like us, our cherished Shih Tzu’s oral health plays a pivotal part in their overall well-being. However, it might be a signal of dental issues lurking beneath the face, similar as plaque buildup, If you catch a trace of questionable breath. Turning a eyeless eye to these problems can beget pain, discomfort, and more serious health troubles for your Shih Tzu.


Thankfully, there is a simple yet effective result to guard their dental health. Establishing a regular dental care routine is crucial. This involves brushing their teeth, treating them with dental delicacies, and making sure to record professional dental cleanings with your trusted veterinarian. By doing so, you can keep their smile flashing and their health in top- notch condition.

4) Poor Diet

The old byword “you are what you eat” it rings true for our furry friends too! A diet lacking in essential nutrients can inflict annihilation on their health, including skin and coat issues that might manifest as a lingering fishy smell. When low- quality canine food enters the equation, it may bring on hard- to- digest ingredients, causing tummy trouble and might be the major reason why your Shih Tzu smell like fish.


There is a simple fix to insure your Shih Tzu thrives. Include high- quality dog food tailored for small dogs, packed with spare proteins, omega- 3 adipose acids, and added vitamins. This winning quintet will promote healthy skin and coat, bid farewell to fishy odors, and keep your cherished pet feeling their absolute best.

5) Urinary Tract Infection( UTI)

If they’ve been making frequent passages to relieve themselves, these could be a signs of a urinary tract infection( UTI), If fishy smell drifting around your precious Shih Tzu’s private area or if your Shih Tzu may witness discomfort during urination, and in severe cases, you might notice blood in their urine.


There is a plan to attack this pesky problem! Schedule a vet visit to point and treat the UTI directly. In the meantime, keep your Shih Tzu well-doused by encouraging them to drink plenty of water. This will help flush out implicit bacteria, icing their urinary tract and stays healthy and odor-free.

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Initially worrisome, your Shih Tzu’s fish like odor can now be addressed with confidence. Stay visionary with regular vet check- ups, a balanced diet, and proper grooming to maintain their health and overall well- being. Embrace these essential results and shot farewell to the riddle scent.

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